Chasin' that American Dream​.​.​.

by phil phlaymz

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Occupy Wall Street.


-They told me go to class nigga don't be no drop out. don't/ grow to be no fool pick a grad school and rock out. but/ I doubt, that they believe a word that they said to me that/ college grad american dream shit that's dead to me/
Look how they mislead a g/ damn near promised it, a/ bachelors degree'll guarantee a a good job an shit now/ sign on the dotted line/ go on exercise your mind but/ I ain't learn shit but how to get head and get high. I/
Graduated just made it im/ slaving just to get by/ financial aid want they payments so Im stayin for over time/ damn, they never told me life would get this hard/ rent bills and student loans/ drinks pills doobs an bongs/
Whatever take the pain away/ the stress thats on my brain away/ this boss get on my nerves hope I don't flip and go insane today I'm/ that dude that hate his job always got a attitude/ rude as hell to customers/ disgruntled as fuck because/
Why the fuck I work here/ I'm more than qualified to work a 9 to 5 that pay more than minimum wage an hour/ I'm looking for that 16.50/ that pay ya rent and every weekend meet ya friends or ya girl for drinks in the city, shit i/
Can't even afford to date/ gorgeous hoes/ lookin at a nigga like they wanna go home but they don't know/ a nigga still stuck in my momma house/ sleeping on my momma couch/ dreading goin home cause I don't wanna hear my momma mouf/ like
I don't know I'm failing at life? Ma please! I sent my resume to every job that's hiring on indeed/ I'm on that I'm really at the end of my rope shit/ like fuck that I'm bout to go an get in the coke biz huh/
-But knowin me, I'll get bagged on my first sale/ locked down with no bail/ fed time oh well/ look there go another one/ chasing that American dream you took a wrong turn and now that shit is long gone...peace


released October 21, 2011



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phil phlaymz New York, New York

Quit My Day Job is the newest project from independent rap artist phil phlaymz.

The 10 track album is entirely produced, recorded and mixed by the artist himself. Guest features, live drums and guitar performances from a few familiar collaborators, are the seasoning to this project.

Quit My Day Job is available now for purchase on bandcamp for $5 (USD). Download today!
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