Fly Away​.​.​.

by phil phlaymz

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You're the only obstacle strong enough to hold you back...


-Ok I bet you think you know a lot don't you/ and you just tryna share the knowledge huh that's so noble / -I don't care learn about it by what yall go thru/ from what I'm hearing yall opposite from what I hold true/
-I came here to be something they say they never seen/ -you sayin yea but be something that they already peeped/ -I'm saying nah and get up from outta ya leather seat/ politely shake hands we just agreeing to disagree/
-But I think about it now and I understand/ -i guess I had figure out what they wasn't sayin/ -thats why they lookin at me now and they want a hand/ -in what I'm doin I'm like nah fam gon head/
-Im pretty sure I got a handle on the goal now/ -lifes a hell of a woman but she don't know about/ -her potential to be more and so now/ -he convinced her with Di-or to go down/ damn...

- -They gon always try, they gon always lie, they gon always find something wrong/
- - - -But you keep on grinding and keep on trying that's dope/
- - - -They gon get real mad and then talk real but they know/
- - - -That it won't hold you back no it won't hold you back so lets toast!

- -Lets have a toast for the stoners/ - -Lets have a toast for the weirdos/ - -Lets have a toast for the hipsters/ - -Who own everything they wrote/
- -Lets have a toast for the gangstas/ back packers and battlers and skaters/ - -Unfold your wings/ Fly as high as you can...

-Have you ever held onto a dream for so long/ -and ran behind to then realized ya so lost? -lookin around ya lose site of what you goin for/ decide to chill here til you remember what the goal was/
- -But the scene here is dope tho/ -you don't really wanna leave well then don't go/ -you could be one of the leaves you could be the tree if/ you don't wanna reach to ya dreams well then don't grow/
- I know where I wanna be but I don't know the path/ -and I ain't got no one to lead and I don't own the map/ - but I can see from here I'm a go with that/ you the only obstacle strong enough to hold ya back/
-Damn- did that last truth blow ya mind/ -did that inspire you to finally learn how to fly/ well step 1 has been completed I can show u now/ -unfold your wings and let go. we up high.


released June 9, 2011



all rights reserved


phil phlaymz New York, New York

Quit My Day Job is the newest project from independent rap artist phil phlaymz.

The 10 track album is entirely produced, recorded and mixed by the artist himself. Guest features, live drums and guitar performances from a few familiar collaborators, are the seasoning to this project.

Quit My Day Job is available now for purchase on bandcamp for $5 (USD). Download today!
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