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by phil phlaymz

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- These niggas a lie the devil look truthful when i/ put his actions next to what niggas do to survive but I/ guess when you hear yo stomach growl and you see that muhfucka throwin down plate piled you think "I want it now!"/
-So fuck another nigga family when yo children starving/ run in they fridge if they can't eat that ain't yo fucking problem? buying them pradas shit you shoulda copped revolvers you/ still in the hood with kicks on that cost 400 dollars and you/
Thought them thugs wouldn't try ya/ they call it just trying to eat I call it jealousy coming from outta hiding/ oooh yo niggas mad I peeped ya style and called you out on it? -This the shit you never spose to speak crowds on it/
-All that hatin shit ain't stopping any time soon/ niggas won't be happy til they shot down at high noon/ all these dirty harry's just waiting on you to reach you could/ sue if you survive but you layin dead in the street/ and now your
Legacy is another statistic on a sheet/

-So how I'm part time 12 hours a week/ when I just out shined 4 of the 5 artists on this beat? -yall prolly won't download it when I tweet but that wont/ take away the heart break they feel when I speak/
-They like fuck it fam I'm signed and that nigga aint/ so I could give a fuck what hip hop blog members think/ - oooh its so funny yall all hatin nowww? Well fuck the world and bust a nut in mother natures mouuuf!
Sunning whole continents/ rappers on some Mayan shit/ looking up to me the gawd spitting hot fire shit| non Dylan shit BITCH you niggas Flareon flowing that barely describes the flames I been throwing/


released October 21, 2011



all rights reserved


phil phlaymz New York, New York

Quit My Day Job is the newest project from independent rap artist phil phlaymz.

The 10 track album is entirely produced, recorded and mixed by the artist himself. Guest features, live drums and guitar performances from a few familiar collaborators, are the seasoning to this project.

Quit My Day Job is available now for purchase on bandcamp for $5 (USD). Download today!
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